Softwares of Action
  • Maestros del ataque
    Maestros del ataque

    Have you ever dreamed of being a spy? Start with simple puzzles and then progress to more challenging levels! Tons of weapons await you in your game arsenal. Try them all! Make smart decisions. On...

  • Rise of Kingdoms
    Rise of Kingdoms

    From the depths of darkness to the peak of legends, you will be the author of the history of your civilization. Will you launch epic wars and conquer the world? Or will you rise as a virtuous leade...

  • Ninja Arashi
    Ninja Arashi

    Ninja Arashi is a platform game with intense mixed RPG elements. In this game, you play as Arashi, a former legendary Ninja who fights his way through the corrupt world to save his kidnapped son fr...

  • 1945 Air Force
    1945 Air Force

    1945 Air Force - Free Shooting Games - Old shooting game with a new style. If you are a fan of free arcade shooter games, it's a shame you miss out on 1945 Air Force in your game collection. Featur...

  • Meteors Attack!
    Meteors Attack!

    Blast your way through the atmosphere like an unstoppable meteor! Simple controls and satisfying chaos await players in this thrilling experience. But can you destroy an entire planet?

  • Battle Fighter 3D
    Battle Fighter 3D

    Battle Fighter 3D is an amazing action packed game. You drive exciting cars with roof mounted machine guns. Shoot the enemies on the road and the enemy in the air. characteristics: * Provocative c...

  • Lumbercraft

    Cut the wood. Build your city. Build towers. Kill the enemies. Enjoy!

  • Prison Wreck
    Prison Wreck

    Prison Wreck is a free action game to escape from prison by destroying walls and more with your super powers. You must escape from the policemen and free other prisoners by crushing, hitting and t...

  • Run And Gun
    Run And Gun

    Run fast. Have good aim. Take what's yours! Your precious treasure has been stolen. Enemies are everywhere. Be the hero and take back what is yours! The biggest challenge you can find is here. Ru...

  • Mobile Flight Sim
    Mobile Flight Sim

    The flight game for Android Unleash your inner rebel, fly a plane and CONQUER the sky! Get the best plane and take to the skies! - Realistic 3D graphics and fantastic animations - Difficult and ...

  • Magic Rampage
    Magic Rampage

    An exciting platformer that combines the RPG genre with frenetic action packed gameplay. Magic Rampage has character customization and dozens of weapons to equip, from knives to magic staves. Each ...

  • Blob Runner 3D
    Blob Runner 3D

    Are you ready for a super fun race? Blob will be your favorite runner of all time! Your goal is easy: watch out for the obstacles, push them and collect all the jellies to become a GIANT stain! If ...

  • Oh God!
    Oh God!

    Holy justice will be served! OMG! Being the ruler of heaven and hell is not that easy! You will be the judge of both the physical and spiritual world as you shape the destiny of souls. Divine power...