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  • ChickenPing 1.70 - Download 1.70
    ChickenPing 1.70

    Your recipe book for Windows and Windows Mobile

  • TrackPower 1.6.5
    TrackPower 1.6.5

    TrackPower is a program only for fans of miniature car racing. If you spend hours with the remote control and the little gems of Ninco, Scalextric, Superslot and Carrera, with TrackPower you can unleash your creativity creating circuits of up to 10 lanes. All components and details are available. From straight lines to chicanes, through to pit stops and other can be combined thanks to TrackPower.

  • Vinos 2.1 - Download 2.1
    Vinos 2.1

    Everything you need to know about wines.

  • My Free Weather 2.00
    My Free Weather 2.00

  • Professional Bartender 2010 - Download 2010
    Professional Bartender 2010

    The best personal bartending program on the market.

  • Icecream Ebook Reader 4.20
    Icecream Ebook Reader 4.20

    Icecream Ebook Reader is a PC ebook reader that works with the most popular ebook formats: epub, pdf, djvu, etc. It offers everything you need to read comfortably with full screen or night options, font size adaptation, a search engine for texts or pages, and the ability to bookmark pages. Icecream Ebook Reader also works as a cataloger to organize all books as you want. Icecream Ebook Reader supports the following formats Epub, mobi, fb2, pdf, djvu et prc

  • 100 Proof Cocktail Planner 6.09 - Download 6.09
    100 Proof Cocktail Planner 6.09

    Fun and interactive cocktail planner

  • Global Weather 3D 1.5
    Global Weather 3D 1.5

  • Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator 2.0 - Download 2.0
    Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator 2.0

    Make better use of your daily energy.

  • Recipes Ship 1.2 - Download 1.2
    Recipes Ship 1.2

    Free Recipes software

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