Softwares of Education
  • Diss Master
    Diss Master

    Are you angry with pedantic smartass and do not know how to face you to it? Again you miss the words? From now on hand will not let insults 81,000 doubt about what you really think.

  • Learn Alphabet Kids
    Learn Alphabet Kids

    You know the letters? You learn vowels and consonants as they are written. You will learn quickly and easily everything you need to read. Teach your children the alphabet in the funniest way possi...

  • Even or odd
    Even or odd

    Even or odd, a set of visual and intellectual quickly. Test your mental and visual skills in a fun way from any mobile device. Enjoy for hours alone or with friends or Odd Ever game, will make yo...

  • Draw the dots
    Draw the dots

    Connect the dots to discover the object that is hidden in silhouette. Fantastic game for the whole family. Learn English drawing funny pictures.

  • Children Learn
    Children Learn

    With Children Learn, learn your children to read with ease and fun. Do not let that learning is a nuisance for your children, it is important that they are motivated. With Children Learn, learn th...

  • Coloring Book Junior
    Coloring Book Junior

    Do you want to have a fun time with your kids? With Coloring Book Junior you can teach hundreds of drawings to color super fun.

  • ABC Droid
    ABC Droid

    Learn All ABC alphabet is the most educational, easy, entertaining and fun for children to learn English (US) alphabet game. Characteristics: * All alphabet from A to Z with clear human pronunciat...

  • Christmas Alphabet
    Christmas Alphabet

    This educational game helps children learn the alphabet. Very simple and intuitive interface. Displayed simultaneously and uttered a single letter. To repeat the letters, simply touch the screen ag...

  • Children Rhymes Song
    Children Rhymes Song

    The world of technology has evolved considerably over recent years and the truth is that this has changed the way we live our lives. The fact that we can connect with each other faster and easier t...

  • Celebrity Paint
    Celebrity Paint

    Drawings for it! Celebrity Baby Coloring Paint is an ultimate joy for your little baby to make a cute pretty colorful and vibrant celebrity. Celebrity baby coloring book for children containing col...

  • Easy Schoolkit
    Easy Schoolkit

    Easy Schoolkit is an edutainment application that prepares to face smaller school. Easy Schoolkit include numbers, body parts, fruits, animals, educational materials, etc. This also includes fun ...

  • Easy Paint
    Easy Paint

    Easy Paint, the ultimate app to learn to draw children. Just they have to use your fingers and your imagination to create wonderful landscapes.

  • Education Game
    Education Game

    Education Game with your children will learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, day of the week, months of the year and more. Our educational game shows children the alphabet and teach them to...

  • Happy Nursery Rhymes
    Happy Nursery Rhymes

    Happy Nursery Rhymes is a fantastic application that helps children learn English by playing. Singing songs and having a good time, not realizing learn English.

  • Pastime Alphabet
    Pastime Alphabet

    Pastime Alphabet game to learn the alphabet, enjoy your 3 modes of play, children, classic Mode and 2 players mode. The aim is to identify the next letter of the alphabet as soon as possible.