Programs for divx player
  • Readon TV Movie Radio Player - Download
    Readon TV Movie Radio Player

    Thousands of channels on your PC

  • DivX 7.1
    DivX 7.1

  • Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player - Download 0.3
    Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player 0.3

    Sing your favorites songs

  • FLV Player 2.0.25 - Download 2.0.25
    FLV Player 2.0.25

    Small and light Flash video player

  • GOM Media Player Beta - Download
    GOM Media Player

    Play Any Video File, Any Time!

  • DivX Plus for Windows 8.0 - Download 8.0
    DivX Plus para Windows 8.0

    Play DivX, AVI and MKV in any media player

  • Media Player Codec Pack 3.9.6 - Download 3.9.6
    Media Player Codec Pack 3.9.6

    Major codecs, filters, plug-ins and splitters installed in a breeze.

  • BlueStacks App Player - Download Beta
    BlueStacks App Player Beta

    BlueStacks App Player lets you run apps from your phone fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac.

  • Ace Player HD 3.1
    Ace Player HD 3.1

    Ace HD Player is a multimedia player based on VLC with support for the BitTorrent protocol for the transmission of video and television in high definition.

  • Apps divx player

    إدارة الملفات

  • إدارة الملفات
    إدارة الملفات

    Files management Application Download .. An integrated program to manage your files, arranged, downloaded, and saved to the studio directly Download Application Features: - A special section for managing all files, and the possibility of creating folders to arrange, move or modify files - Ability to download files easily through the link directly - Night mode feature - The possibility of protecting the application with a password - Ability to search for files within the application - Auto-save in the studio after the download is completed - The possibility of creating posters for the account via a load application - The possibility of playing subtitles files through the video player - Accelerate, slow down and reverse video clips - Recycle Bin within the Files section to facilitate file recovery when needed - Ability to change the application colors and set a special background for the interface - Ability to watch video via Chrome Cast and Apple TV - Ability to upload images to the Internet - Possibility to create a custom playlist - Ability to compress JPG and PNG images - Ability to set the main window when opening the application - Ability to create documents via application - The possibility of coloring folders - Ability to arrange files manually - Synchronization and backup capability via iTunes and IceLoad - The possibility of repeating any clip automatically after the completion of the operation, or move to the next section, or choose another section randomly - Ability to stop the download and resume later - Ability to play audio or video in the background - Support the download of multiple clips at once, and the possibility of loading them all in the background - Import, store, and edit videos from your studio in a download application - The ability to store links from outside the application without having to enter the application, and then upload them sequentially upon entry - Control video or audio clips from outside the application by moving to the next or previous section, or by presenting or delaying a clip - The possibility of editing images completely through the application and the possibility to delete the background image or part of it professionally - Ability to merge an image with sound, or multiple images with multiple audio clips - Ability to merge multiple videos through the application - Ability to merge several audio clips through the application - Ability to change the audio of the video by merging a soundtrack over it - Ability to mute video - Add feature to convert video clips to audio files directly through the application - Add video editing feature within the app - Added the ability to create a copy of the files - Add a child lock feature, to prevent the child from exiting the application during playback - The possibility to submit or delay ten seconds when the video is shown by pressing twice on the right or left side - The ability to speed up or slow down video clips as desired - Ability to delete, move or save several files to the studio at once - Ability to download by pressing the word "upload", without the need to paste the link - Ability to compress files through the application - The possibility of downloading images and documents such as books, documents, texts, pictures and others if they are via direct link - Ability to create folders to arrange files after download directly by type or source - Ability to sort files by size, name, type or date - Ability to remove temporary files to reduce application size And other features that we will leave you to discover for yourself ..

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