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  • IdiomaX Office Translator 5.0
    IdiomaX Office Translator 5.0

  • TuxGuitar 1.0 RC4
    TuxGuitar 1.0 RC4

  • MuseScore 2.0.3
    MuseScore 2.0.3

    Easily create, play and print sheet music MuseScore is a score editor compatible with the MIDI standard. When creating a new document, a comfortable assistant will ask you for composition data, instrument list, armature and measure of measure. When you press the N button, MuseScore will enter editing mode, giving you the opportunity to insert the notes from the side panels with just drag and drop. To edit what you have created, first exit edit mode. Each element can be manipulated with the mouse. The vast selection of symbols included is more than enough to translate a composition onto MuseScore's virtual paper. If you have a MIDI instrument, a button will enable input for this type of device.

  • Finale 2008
    Finale 2008

  • Populus - Download 5.4
    Populus 5.4

    Simulations of Population Biology

  • GeoGebra 3.0.0 - Download 3.0.0
    GeoGebra 3.0.0

    Free software for learning and teaching mathematics

  • PCB Artist  1.0.16
    PCB Artist 1.0.16

  • iTest  1.4.0
    iTest 1.4.0

  • Earth3D 1.0.4
    Earth3D 1.0.4

  • Publish or Perish 2.6.3339 - Download  2.6.3339
    Publish or Perish 2.6.3339

    Statistic to impress teachers and employers

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