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Giant Storm Blades


Respond to the call of the sword
For centuries, young warriors have embarked on a mission to demonstrate their courage and seek the secrets of the ruins. Immerse yourself in the rite of initiation of a warrior and face the legendary Keepers. Test your strength in the ruins to improve your weapon and unleash its arcane powers. Prove your true ability by dodging Keepers' attacks and spells while furiously inflicting your own punishment. Launch powerful counterattacks and destroy the armor of your enemies to subdue them. Wake up the ancient altars of the ruins and strengthen your sword with essence to earn your place among the legends. Collect relics from the eliminated enemies as a reward for your conquest.
* Dizzying sword fighting action without restrictions.
* Improve your sword and instill mystic powers.
* Face a variety of relentless enemies.
* Enter the huge jungle and discover ruins forgotten by time.
* Compete with warriors from around the world to achieve glory.

Giant Storm Blades

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