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Funny Wee Wrestle ROFL


Prepare to roar! Hit, kick and fight to be immortal.

Play as funny characters of the professional wrestling revolution like John, Cliff, Hulk, Brock and Vladmir.

If you like Mexican wrestling, then this wrestling game also offers a masked and tough Mexican wrestler! Get ready to cause chaos and mania in this 2k fighting game.

Defeat your opponents and then throw them out of the ring! Wee games have never been so much fun! As in the old days of the school, where 2-player fighting games determine the champion through the royal roar, also known as survival mode and the last man standing.

Collect coins to update your favorite fighters supercards in the store.

Do you need to perform a spectacular feat of wwd? Climb the ropes, measure your jumps and dive over the opponent. BOOM and balance your opponent.

Funny Wee Wrestle ROFL

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