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The Trail


The Trail

Join our pioneers on a long journey to the unknown. Take a trip to the city of Eden Falls. Explore, manufacture, collect, trade, discover, settle and build.

The latest game by Peter Molyneux, the legendary designer and creator of the god simulation genre, brings the border to life on your mobile device. Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Populous and Godus are some of the previous games of Peter Molyneux.

The Trail features:

Enjoy the surroundings while following the path through different landscapes and fantastic views.

Using only your thumb, drag to move peacefully along the path. Designed for anyone to play and enjoy.

Travel to the new world to make yourself rich! Learn to manufacture and trade.

Join a town to unlock more features and work with others to make your town the best in the world!

You've never played anything like The Trail!

The Trail

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