Softwares of Utilidades
  • Scientific Calculator
    Scientific Calculator

    Scientific Calculator Calculator is a must for any student. You will have quick access to all the mathematical functions achieving the desired results.

  • Droid Share
    Droid Share

    Would you like to share your applications with everyone? Use Droid Share Recommends and post your favorite applications to your friends, in the easiest way possible, like a picture or video, you c...

  • Sound Sensor Meter
    Sound Sensor Meter

    Want to know the sound it makes in a particular place? We make it easy. With Sound Sensor Meter you can measure the decibels using the microphone of your mobile device. Analyzes you get graphics ...

  • Remember Medicine
    Remember Medicine

    You need medication daily, Remember Medicine makes it easy. Take control of your medicine and all your family from any mobile device. Never miss so many medications, you only have to put the drug ...

  • Protactor Tool
    Protactor Tool

    Are you a handyman? Protactor Tool is your tool to start any work. Surely you've ever needed to know if a picture or frame is centered, with Protactor Tool only need to have your mobile at your fi...

  • Connect & Transfer
    Connect & Transfer

    Eggplant, the best application for file transfer platform nearby, the best choice of more than 200 million users. Main duties: Unlimited Internet You do not need any Internet or data, you can sha...

  • Easy Call Talker
    Easy Call Talker

    Do you wonder if there is a way to know who is calling while you are driving can not look at your phone? Would you like to know who sent it and what does your SMS while you are in another room?

  • Easy Unit Converter
    Easy Unit Converter

    Easy Unit Converter is a simple and easy to use application will help you convert multiple units of measure. Becomes many times as you needed.

  • Easy Total Backup
    Easy Total Backup

    Total Easy Backup is the tool backup data easier to android! Back up and restore application, sms, mms, call log, calendar, bookmarks, dictionaries and contacts listed on your Android phone. Back...

  • Easy Weather Now
    Easy Weather Now

    Discover Easy Time Live Weather Now with the implementation of the most spectacular moment time. Do not let the weather surprise you! Find time awaits you. Whether it is cloudy, it raining, snowin...

  • eReader Story Book
    eReader Story Book

    Story Book eReader lets you read your favorite books anywhere. Choose from a large collection of popular books that you can start reading immediately. eReader Story Book, is 100% optimized for An...

  • Expense Tracker
    Expense Tracker

    Expense Tracker is an expense manager for your Android device, easily scores each expense and income from your mobile, wherever you are and Manage it from your computer completely synchronized.

  • Nearby Places
    Nearby Places

    Nearby Places will help you discover how closely you a location such as: Restaurants, banks, ATMs, schools, hospitals, universities and many other categories of location. Nearby Places gives you ...

  • Predictive Numerology DELUXE
    Predictive Numerology DELUXE

    You need a spiritual guide? With Deluxe Predictive Numerology it is possible to have it on your mobile. It will help to have an annual and monthly forecast helps you choose the right opportunities...

  • SMS Forward
    SMS Forward

    With SMS Forward You can forward messages to a specific number oo that contains a word in the message. Functions like call forwarding, but with SMS. Just create a filter and SMS Forward will arra...